ted talk teaches a lot

use your brain
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To take control of your brain;

  • You should be aware of the context you are in.
  • Recognize the pattern and preference.
  • Invite different preferences to the table.
  • Manage your blind spot.
  • Be intentional about where you think time goes.
  • Choose to wake up that lazy brain.



you are a problem solver and we need more people like you

problem solver
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You have faced many situations so far, Whether it is about the website you are creating or the startup you are working on.

And I have seen people who run away from the problem with excuses but also some people step inside and solve them with their willpower not to give up.

The circumstances we stumbled upon are the main mark signals and That is where you find the hidden gold coin you were waiting for, that is where you get the reward for a better tomorrow, and occasionally it is the place you need to be for moving forward.

The problem you faced today has a reason and it will certainly open the door of opportunities so just face it for your startup and a better future.



hack your brain

written words in the street
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your brain is entirely on autopilot and it’s time to highjack the plain. there is something you should do for getting full control over the brain.

Think reverse is the technique, it’s simple just think of situations in a different way and which will gonna make your brain see things from a different perspective.

A simple process can make you think differently and get you in achieve everything by pushing you out of your comfort zone.

You just started a blog and it was hard, you faced a lot of situations but you decided to think differently like saying to yourself that “everything is okay”.

Changing thinking as simple as this helps you recast the worldview.

You can reverse your assumption today and start changing your brain.



something new

Women Entreprenur
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In a lot of ways, people are waiting for you to create something new, something that they need, especially something that provides value.

Most people are in a consumer mindset, so instead of being in that place, try to be in a creator mindset in other words try to think like a producer.

The way to change something is really in your gasp and you need to take that leap of faith so that you can change something from inside and outside.

Live a life that is worth putting your time and energy into and Give a guide that is worth following.



Understand and go forward rule

productive day
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  1. The first thing you should do is to identify the objective (long-term goals) for today.
  2. Move your phone away from your working desk or turn on the flight mode.
  3. Fill your water bottle and place it near you, that way you can set your mind to drinking up all.
  4. Use the Pomodoro technique for the 3hours straight (don’t forget to take a 5-minute break in every half an hour).
  5. And just focus on completing the objectives one by one.

That’s it.

So, if you had the morning coffee then it’s time to get started!

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Jump towards it and learn from it

Change your life
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Life can dumb in you a situation where there have two options, you can simply run away or you can face it.

Choose the 2nd option, and face it head-on because a thing that can’t kill you helps you to grow.

True words from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (In 1888, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche first stated, “Out of life’s school of war — what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.” This sentence has become an overused and often parodied aphorism that, in my opinion, nevertheless accurately portrays the picture of resilience and affirmation for overcoming adversity.)

Sometimes taking a foot forward can teach you a lot. So start doing things that you were afraid of doing and get past your limit because you are limitless.