Here Are the Tips to Increase Productivity

Starting simply fresh in the early morning can complete a particular task easily and fast. You have this project you were trying to finish but you kept losing your focus?–then, initiating early morning is the best medicine to tame your focus. This is my first tip to increase your productivity

Planting the right seed into your habit is the asset to achieve anything you want.

Let’s dive deep…

Sleep Before Mid-Night

Studies have shown that, Without sleep, our cognitive and emotional abilities become markedly disrupted.

Sleeping about 7 hours is the choice I took to balance my productive life.

Productive Working Time

You can be a morning or a night person, just need to analyze when you are productive by working both early and at night. Taking time and understanding yourself can make you better than yesterday.

Schedule Your Day

Prepare the next 3 hours specifying the goals ( break down the big goals into smaller ones) always remember to put in a dead time to get that competitive energy to flow. You can write it down in a small notebook or use Todoist software.

A simple shift can become a dramatic change in life. Always be aware that, Your time is the most precious fuel you need to use carefully.

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique is something can easily do but maintaining consistency is hard and that makes it more and more effective to come out of that comfort zone of yours. This also helps you to get the flow of work by going through the technique.

Starting off working for 25 minutes and taking 5–10 minutes of breaks, after repeating the process you should take a 30-minute long break and start again, simple as that.

Tip: Always write down the schedule first and then go for this technique.

Reject Distractive Carving

  1. Writing down the pros and cons of Social media that affect you (optional)
  2. Moving your phone away from the table
  3. Flight mode
  4. Setting a timer to use the phone

These are one of my daily activities to avoid the carving of using phones which made me eventually close my all social media accounts, Yeah it is effective.

Change Places

  1. Taking 10 or more prolonged 15-minute break
  2. Moving your current place of work to somewhere new.

I’m addicted to these methods, which are also my favorite to get backing my energy. Your mental health gets also refreshed by taking that break to get a coffee. It always happens after noon so coffee is gonna break that exhausting moment into a woohoo moment.

Like this getting that beat only happens when you hold hands to exhaustion with changing places.

End Work

During my working hours, I always stop after 4:30 PM because I officially set my mind to stop working at that time and do something different like watching a movie or getting some fresh air.

The result I got from this point is tremendous, my productivity towards one long-term goal at a time process is going high magnitude as well as my business growth. So I recommend you put a stop button on your day to maximize productivity before it hits the button.




Hope Create Struggles And Struggles Create Wonders!

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