Productivity: How To Beat Your Yesterday

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.

Being productive was a challenge for you in 2022?! or in other words have you ever been in a place where you planned to get up early or do some exercise, but you were blocked by a wall of laziness?

If you are then your objective is to move that lazy ass from the bed and to do that you must know there is only one guy who is stopping you from being a productive person and that is the same person you see in the mirror.

You are facing the strongest opponent you have ever seen and to defeat that person you should craft a weapon called productivity.

Just like the Butterfly effect, small changes in lifestyle can create a massive storm later.

Here are some simple tips that can help you to be productive…

Be a morning person

Waking up early is a skill you should master, And did you know being a morning person for a month can create a habit for you for a lifetime? To achieve that you must Sleep before 11:00 wake up after 7 hours of sleep and start the day by drinking some water.

Organize the day

Organizing your day is kind of an important task for a productive day and it helps you to identify what are the objectives to be achieved today without missing out on a single one.

You can use Evernote or Todoist to organize your day by adding specific tasks to your to-do list.

Pro tip: Don’t overuse your time to organize the day.

Eliminate Distraction

Every pending objective has one distraction that stops you to fall forward. So it is important to eliminate some distractions or move distractions from you like moving your phone, finding a suitable place, using noise cancellation headphones, etc to avoid distraction.

Keep a Spiral Notebook

Recording ideas and knowledge from the blog posts you were reading or even the emotions you are feeling can be noted down in the book by placing that notebook need you. This will help you to keep your emotion in check and also writing with your hands make it easier to remember.

Commitment Towards Change

Commitment is merely a promise of achieving your goal and the ability to work hard. Staying committed to achieving the goal is the most important part.

A strong feeling of following and executing the course of action light up all the long-term goals that you were aiming for.

Most people are afraid of change so exclude yourself from the most people category and break the circle for the good days.

Reading some random blog can be an easy task but carrying out all the things where the game changer.

There is a poem I always like to read that goes like

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and now”

Hope you got some new revelationary knowledge( or some idea of why you should change) from this small blog and expecting your reactions through comments:)



Hope Create Struggles And Struggles Create Wonders!

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