• TubeBuddy provides more advanced analytics and data, whereas VidIQ’s analytics are more basic
  • VidIQ’s paid plans start at a lower price point of $7.50 per month, whereas TubeBuddy starts at $9 per month
  • Bulk processing
  • Video SEO
  • Promotion
  • Data and Research
  • Thumbnail generator: A video thumbnail is the one thing that browsers on YouTube will first view and it either sets a good impression or fails to attract. A professionally created thumbnail image will improve your channel’s traffic. Building them with traditional tools like the Photoshop app has never been a walk in the park, which is why TubeBuddy’s custom Thumbnail Generator is such a hit.
  • Bulk Find, Replace, and Append: This tool is incredible for those moments you need to remove video descriptions, and titles from say your last Webinar to an upcoming one. With it, you can find amongst bulk videos all titles, tags, and descriptions and append or replace them fast. If you have a new website that you’d like to link the videos too, you can also use this tool to mass replace those old hyperlinks while removing all existing references where necessary.



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